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Devious, Unreliable, Plotting Madwoman

16 August
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Middle Eastern studies major. Aspiring writer. Jafar fangirl. Mostly, Jafar fangirl.

Formerly lady_jafaria. Started learning Arabic. Decided it would be cool to have a username in Arabic. Means "evil vizier," least the way I'm translating it it does (Gender adjusted, obviously. Words have sex in foreign parts). Although IRL my job spec does not involve much cackling and plotting at all. I just like the trope. Not to mention, I look damn good in a turban.

Did I mention how my devotion to Jafar stayed exactly where it was? New name, same sick, twisted fangirl.

(And yes, my journal title is a Terry Pratchett reference. Just like two other things in this--really rather too short to merit multiple Terry Pratchett references--profile.

i'm in slytherin!

be sorted @ nimbo.net